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Good bye Crescent City....

A late spring sunset over Crescent City on the Del Norte coast of California. 

Time to prep for the next adventure. The redwood photos are  processed, keyworded, rated and safely tucked away in their little backup hard drives. It was a fun trip and we have some good images to show for it. But that's the past. That means it is almost time to go get fresh photos. Time to clean the trailer, prep the truck, fill out the fly collection, check the camera gear, train the yard kid, and make sure the neighbors have their rifles sighted in on our doors and windows. Am I kidding about the last one? Trust me, you don't really want to find out the hard way. Let's just say its a rural community where people go out and practice being top carnivores on a regular basis and watch what goes on at the neighbors.

We head north in under 30 days.  I hope to keep a running log of where we go and some of the stuff we see and do. The clock's ticking, the to-do list is growing, gotta go.

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