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Evil Incarnate

Do you know the most evil thing in the woods? It is not the poor rattlesnake. Mostly they get a bum rap. They try and warn people to go away, they even try (generally) to get out of our way. And bears (especially grizzly) have a formidable reputation for being foul tempered. But bears basically are just eating machines that want to be left alone. Stay away from where they are feeding, or away from their young, and Boo-Boo, Yogi, and Smokey are relatively shy and amiable. How about mountain lions? Yes they will on occasion eat smaller humans. This is an undesirable trait but hardly evil. When I say evil I mean a critter that will seek you out, hammer you and then call others of its kind to join in the fun. One drop of spilled soda, a speck of uncovered meat, a dewy forehead or neck exposed to these creatures and you will be forced to retreat as first one, then another, and another join the assault. They will try and hurt you just for fun. They will try and attack you even after suffering mortal injuries. They will throw themselves at windows attempting to gain access to your humble abode. They will even gang up on you if you seek retribution and injure one of their kind. I’ve seen even the hardiest of firefighters (hotshots or jumpers or air attack officers – you choose) run away screaming like small children when confronted with an activity center of these ferocious creatures. Yes the lowly yellowjacket may be the most feared of all. So far we have been very, very lucky. No stings. We won’t talk about how much running and arm-waving though. (scroll down if you can't see the photo)

The Devil's spawn

The Devil's spawn

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