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Where's Kathy?

 Although I dislike heights, I agreed to walk a portion of this trail Boyd thought looked really cool in Glacier National Park.  This first photo shows the trail, high above the road on the left cliff wall.  Can you find me on the trail???

Where's Kathy? She is on this trail above the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.  Hint - clicking on the photo should make it bigger.

Now (below) you can see the circle around my little, frightened body! Note that Boyd is taking this photo from quite a ways down the trail ahead of me and around a small bend (although it looks like he took it from thin air).

She was there all along. 

And here is a blow up of me.  Notice I have one hand very tightly holding the cable along the trail wall. The trail was mostly fairly wide (between 18" - several feet) and most people did not even use the cable - but I did not let go and only went a few hundred yards on the trail, but I went! Good times!

Maybe she didn't enjoy it quite as much as Boyd. 

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