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A new website?

Yes there are  a LOT of Africa photos. But then a trip to Africa generates a lot of opportunities for photos and videos. We worked and winnowed and edited and discussed and somehow got down to the roughly 80 pictures you can see on the website as I post this. There were a lot of good photos that we haven't included for a variety of reasons: too graphic, too much like another photo, too much this or that.

When we got close to having our selects, we also decided to overhaul this website and give it a fresh feel. We like the new layout and hope you do too. We aren't sure how long it will stay this way. But soon the urge to go make new images will become overwhelming and we will have to create something new to put up here.

But for now, enjoy the galleries from our Africa adventure. Also expect some stories to be added here about our trip and what we learned. Additionally, we will be making a video of our Africa trip, but before that, a nap....

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