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Winter at Last

Snow has come to the higher elevations. This is a big deal around here. Last year there was no snow. The result was a lot of wildfire in August. (See the page on the Siege of 2014 by clicking the link at the top of this page.) But this fall is different than last fall. Last year we had 0.86 inches of rain go through our rain bucket in November and December. This year with three weeks to go in December the rain bucket has measured 3.08 inches. That's more than 3.5 times what we had last year. Besides the water, storms mean clouds. Photographers love clouds, especially around sunset and sunrise. The accompanying photo was taken this week from the Twin Bridges area of the Lassen National Forest and shows Mt. Lassen emerging from the clouds of a clearing storm.

Hopefully, there will be lots more storms this winter with lots of opportunities for pictures, and water.

Mt. Lassen emerges from a clearing storm at sunset.

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