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“Secure vehicle doors & windows…”

Those words flashed at us on the temporary sign as we crossed a canal onto Tybee Island, Georgia, followed with the cryptic: “…water parade ahead”.  We had no idea what was in store until the first group of scantily clad bystanders pulled out their oversized, homemade pvc water guns and blasted our car with straight streams of water filled from garbage cans lined up and ready.  Everyone was in on the action, kids with squirt guns, old people with remote controlled hoses, and everyone in between, each with their own brand of aquatic weapon.

The local citizenry gets one opportunity a year to blast drivers as they pass down several miles of Main Street, followed by a parade where the water flew in both directions.  We had driven 4,000 miles without a car wash, so removal of at least some of the accumulated bug splatters was appreciated.  We waved merrily as we navigated our way to the Atlantic Ocean (our destination) on the far side of town. You just never know what random event you will run into crossing America.


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