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Driving for Dollar(s?)

We are on the road again – driving cross-country to attend Boyd’s nephew’s graduation from West Point end of May.  Normally I do not like driving our trailer through towns or into gas stations, preferring Boyd to do the driving that requires more finesse and maneuverability, but sometimes there are not choices.  Such was the case pulling into a gas station in Flagstaff, Arizona, where a truck was blocking the diesel pump that was on the correct side of our truck.  Meaning I had to slalom through the cars at the mini-mart and do a 180 degree turn around the pumps to face the truck and trailer the opposite direction. 

Having completed the maneuver surprisingly effortlessly, Boyd got out to pump diesel while I shut down our pickup.  I heard Boyd talking to the truck driver, but thought little about it until I got out and this stranger congratulated me on my excellent driving through the congested area.  I thanked him for his kind words and headed to the restroom.

When I came back out, the truck driver was gone, but he told Boyd that he was so impressed with my driving the “huge rig” (we have one of the smallest models of 5th wheels available), he gave Boyd a dollar to give to the “little lady”.  Makes us laugh every time we think of it. 

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