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Mississippi River Adventurer

“Itasca State Park in Minnesota contains the head of the Mississippi River.” That sounds interesting I told Kathy. So we went there. While we are standing waiting for a chance to take some pictures of the sign and the lake outlet where the Mississippi begins we notice a guy with a touring bicycle loaded with gear. He’s trying to take selfies and obviously getting a little agitated. So as we often do, we offer to take a picture for him. He is grateful and a conversation ensues. Turns out the guy is named Steve and is starting the following day to ride his bicycle the length of the Mississippi River. Steve is not a young man. As we talk it also becomes clear that Steve is not a life-time cyclist. He is on a mission. He is raising funds for a group that supports people with bone-marrow disease. And he is amped-up. His energy is infectious and he is obviously emotional about being at the start of a 2-month adventure. Imagine being of retirement age and riding your bicycle by yourself from Minnesota to the end of the road at Venice, Louisiana. In the summer. If you want to see more of Steve’s adventure including a blog, photos (we took the photos at the headwaters), and a live tracker visit Steve’s website:

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