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Waiting on the crowd

Boyd, the platform and getting ready for the shot

Hurry up and wait. I used to be a professional at it. I never did like it. I still don't like it. But sometimes you have to wait for an opportunity to take a photograph. I didn't have to wait for this lady, but off-camera 3 bus loads of tourists from a country not known for their large interpersonal bubbles are unloading and descending to the platform like wildebeests after the last scrap of grass at the end of the drought. See the metal posts holding up the platform? They are about to start vibrating like a tuning fork. The solid platform is about to become a bowl of Jello. No problem if you want a quick snap of someone standing in front of a waterfall. But I wanted smooth flowing water and crispy rock. That means a long exposure and a very still camera. Just as I get everything set, the first of the horde descends and pretty soon as I look thru my camera the view is jiggling. That platform is about as steady as a crab boat in the Bering Sea. But being trained at hurry up and wait I implement my training. The good news about where we are: the buses have to move on to get to some where else. That means the horde probably has only 15 minutes here. I can wait them out. I am a former professional at waiting. And after about 20 minutes the instagram shots were done, the vibrations were slowly going away and I sidled back to my spot. This other image is the result. Pretty sure no one on the 3 buses got this shot. Guess it pays to have been a professional at hurry up and wait.   Boyd

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