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Taking the road most traveled...

Redbud along the road most traveled

Redbud along the road most traveled

Does this sound familiar? You travel the same road frequently. You notice something cool, or interesting but you never stop. Why don't you stop? Because you have to get someplace else. We finally stopped at one of these spots. This particular spot has beautiful redbud blossoms in the spring against gray rock. Unfortunately last fall a truck tipped over at this very location. The truck ended up being a hazardous material incident when stuff leaked onto the ground. The hazmat had to be dug up.  This resulted in the best clump of redbud being dug up. So this year we told ourselves: "We are going to stop here when the redbud blooms before they ruin this spot any more." And so we did. Turns out besides the redbud, there are other interesting plants there as well. And well worth the stop. (If you click on the thumbnails below you should be able to see them in a larger format, depending on your viewing device.)