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Scenes from August

August. The dog days of summer. That part of the year when the smoke columns grow, the copters fly and pigs die (in order to feed firefighters vast quantities of bacon, pork chops and ham sandwiches - wildland firefighters get tired of pork). It is also the season of vast hordes enjoying their National Parks and nature. The sun is high, the light is harsh, the air is warm. It is usually not our favorite season for making photos. But we did get out some. So here are a few photos to look at while the baby-back pork ribs marinate... (You can click on them to make them larger on most devices - the photos not the ribs.)

A windy morning over Hatchet Mountain.

Mirror power - cubed.

Lightning strikes in Vegas

Hmmm we seem to have been stuck on the power theme again. So how about a peaceful little bug picture:


Who you lookin' at??

Hope you enjoy the last days of summer. We are looking forward to the cool days of fall, lower sun angles, and fall foliage. Hopefully we will be back soon with more photos. In the mean time, there are ribs and beer waiting....


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