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Where did it go?

"Did you hear? The Turners changed their website"

It was time for a revision. Sometimes you just don't like something so much. Maybe you finally outgrew that boy band. Maybe you got tired of bell bottom pants or maybe it was time for a new paint scheme in the house. Maybe you have a new shiny toy you really like.

So we have revised the photography section of this site. Basically, we had some newer photos that we felt were worth sharing. We also wanted to get our favorites from 2015 into one place. Out with the bell bottoms and on with the new paint.

Sure, change can be hard. Maybe you really liked that boy band. Hopefully, you can find new favorites here.  (No new boy bands though.) Please, if your favorite photo is gone send us a comment with a description of what is missing. No promises, but maybe we will put it back up. And who knows, maybe we will get something even better up soon. So come on back often. You never know what might be added.

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