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Back from the Land of Salmon

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What? a new Turner web site?

Time for a change

After being on the road 95 days and 12,000 miles we have returned from BC, Yukon, and Alaska. We gathered some images and stories over the course of the summer. And this is where we like to share the best images and some of the stories. Since we haven't changed the basic design of this site in about three years now it seemed like the time to try something new. We hope you like this design that organizes our photos a little differently. This is a scrolling based system instead of clicking around. Although we would love it if you saw our work on a 27-in 5k color corrected monitor, reality is most people use a mobile device. So hopefully the new design will be intuitive enough. Let us know through the "Talk with us" link what you think. So go scroll through the pages and enjoy. We did.

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