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A Double-edged Sword

Landscape photography is a double-edged sword.  When we review our photographs after a trip we are always disappointed.  We remember how the water was so much bluer, the rocks so much grainier, the expanses so much larger, the calving glacier so much taller, so much…

Of course everything not visual is totally missing from our photographs: the smells, the touch, the sounds, the tastes…  The market ripe with fish, a plethora of textures, winds howling, waves crashing, hoppy-tasting beer, or a fine glass of wine at the end of a long day…

But what if we could exactly replicate all of that – the very essence of the scene?  Virtual reality and other technologies are approaching that degree of sensation.  We watched a 4-D movie at the Atlanta aquarium misting water and scents at us as we watched the movie with 3-D glasses while our seats moved.  But, what then?  If you’ve already experienced the complete grandeur of a place – would you need to visit it?   

We think so…

[All the photos in this story are "lightboxed" which means you can click on them and they will open in a separate window. This is a great way to see them 'close up'.]

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