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100 plus years of National Parks

This is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the US National Park Service. So we decided to celebrate the parks by putting some of our photos from the parks together in a slide show. For this day and age it might be a little long at just over 7 minutes with credits. Or just long enough to enjoy your favorite beverage adult or caffeinated. Attached is a link to the HD version of the slide show on YouTube. We hope you enjoy the slideshow and enjoy and support our National Parks

Cascades of the North Cascades

Recently we escaped some of the summer heat with a visit to North Cascades National Park and Ross Lake National Recreation Area. North Cascades is a backpackers park that runs down the spine of the Cascades from the Canadian border south, nearly to Lake Chelan in central Washington. Ross Lake NRA bisects the National Park along the Skagit River and Washington State Highway 20. To really see the views involves long uphill hikes. But rain and steep terrain result in cascades and waterfalls (and 3 large hydroelectric reservoirs). So of course we had to make some images. [If you want to see a full screen view of an image, click on the image.]

Clearing Storm over the Spires

Gorge Creek Falls

Ladder Creek Falls

Falls and Ferns

Rock and Falls detail

Turn d Force

Cascade #57

Freshet and Rock

Cascade with wood

The 5-year waterfall; resistance is successful.

A note about the 5-year waterfall: This is actually the discharge from a spill gate on Diablo Dam. Approximately once every 5 years the spill gates are tested to ensure they function properly. The resulting spill of approximately 4,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) creates a spectacular waterfall and cascade but only once every 5-years. Sometimes we get lucky with our travels.