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Favorites of the year

All these pictures are like children to us. We spend time trying to get them to be good and behave. Selecting a few for best of the year is hard. Especially when we have had a good year of making photographs. Some photos have a lot of personal meaning because of the experience of being in a certain place. Some photos one of us finds interesting because of line, texture, or light. Some photos just have a certain emotion to them. So which is our most favorite? We aren't telling, but it is one of those 25 photos in the 2013 Favorites gallery. The other part of this ranking process is to set the bar for 2014. Can we do better next year? We think so. Come back often and see if we are meeting that goal. And don't forget to leave a comment.
 Boyd and Kathy


A late summer evening in Glacier National Park.

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