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And so it begins... again.

We’ve been away from this blog/website for almost a year. We returned from Alaska last fall (2017), posted pictures, Boyd finished the movie of our adventure, and then … nothing. Or at least that is what this website would have you believe.

We didn’t really lose interest. Our priorities changed. We decided to leave our home of 30 years and move to Central Oregon. This was not a small task. Look around where you are. How much stuff have you acquired since your last move? Exactly. Not to mention all the bureaucratic tasks associated with moving: a loan, new insurance, re-register vehicles, find a new doctor/dentist/repair person, find the best place for a cold/hot drink. You get the idea. Well, we are settling down and have started to get back into the groove of photography. Expect to see some new stories soon. We are excited by what our new location provides for photographic opportunities.

So bear with us as we get back in the seat of this photographic sharing machine. We hope to have some new stuff (and maybe some old stuff) up soon. If I can just find that 5/16 in long socket and a pair of wire cutters….

Old tractor.jpg
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