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Frame rate or what the tree saw

Let’s start with the second part of the title first. Trees can live much longer than humans. The average pine tree in the western US might have a lifespan of 300 plus years. An oak tree might also be good for a couple of hundred years or more. Bristlecone pine can be 2,000 years old, or more. What if trees have a perception of time? Would they perceive a day or an hour or a minute in the same way as a human? Us humans perceive motion with a certain frame rate. If you go to the cinema the film in the old days showed at approximately 24 frames per second. Video generates around 30 frames per second. Trees potentially live 30 times the lifespan of a human. What if their frame rate is a thirtieth that of a human? What would that look like? What would a tree see if it was growing alongside a river? What if I slow my camera down so that I’m taking one frame every 4-6 seconds. Would it be what the tree saw? Look at the images below and see if you can see like a tree.

Beard of the Wizard

Carnal Curves

Drop to Enlightenment

Laminar Darkness

Release to Turbulence

Strands of Silver

Tresses of Namakaokahai

Ok the titles might be a little fruity or nutty. But I think trees may be serious thinkers and would give serious titles. After all they have deep roots. And time.

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