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Night falls over Waterton Lake

Our original intention was to write/post a web story with photos nearly every day during our “Great Canadian/Montana Glacier” trip, or the “mountains and waterfalls” trip, as we’ve come to call it.  But we inadequately considered logistics.  Without electricity at most of our campgrounds we have no ability to download our camera CF cards, except during campground “generator hours”.  And our slow and antiquated card reader only downloads 1 card in the 2-hour electricity window.  With two cameras, we just can’t keep up.  Turns out we push the shutter button a lot!  Wifi/internet connections to upload to the web are even less common, usually dependent upon local community outlets, typically for a fee.

Because the whole point is to be out in the forests and mountains hiking, birding, or capturing photos rather than in camp downloading photos during the day-time generator hours we have settled for occasional web-story updates, with new intentions of loading our best photos to the “recent” category when we return home.  We apologize to those we told we would post more often! 


Another cascade

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