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Towers of Beauty

You could certainly start a lively debate asking: “Where is the most beautiful place in the world?”  There are a multitude of viable choices, with personal taste thrown in to make it a useless subjective debate.  But, I could make a pretty strong case for Torres (towers) del Paine National Park, Chile. 

Our guide was nearly overcome with emotion when the towers first came into view around a ridge of the Andes, saying she had never seen it so stunningly clear.  As we stopped and looked at its splendor, several Andean Condors circled lazily, then chased a Black-chested Buzzard Eagle away, mere feet above our heads.  One of those moments. 

Andean Condor

Black-chested Buzzard Eagle

Andean Condor soars near one of the Torres

The Torres stood resolutely against the sky, defying ages of erosive forces.  The lagos (lakes) and waterfalls, with their suspended glacial sediments, cast an indescribable hue of greenish-blue.  A glacier cracking so loudly the decibels would overwhelm canon fire, followed by several minutes of jet-volume rumbling as the calved segment broke into a million pieces, racing down the cliff face.  It was all nearly overwhelming.  Could almost make a person sit down to quietly take it all in and shed a tear in testament to its absolute beauty… ok, maybe it did.  Kathy

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